I am currently in the process of moving all of my websites and web services over to AWS. A little while back I moved from my VPS provider which I really liked to AWS in an effort to cut down my monthly costs. I first did this the simple way of creating an EC2 instance and putting everything on there. This worked for a while, but I am now more interested in all the other services AWS offers. Ultimately I want to get rid of the EC2 instance and just run everything off of their individual services. So to this effect I have moved my blog(s) to S3 and cloudfrount, and my dyndns service to lambda with an API gateway. There are still a few dynamic sites that I am running for this that or the other thing that I have not managed to move, but I plan on doing so over the next couple of weeks/months/years/decades/etc. If there is any interest in the trials and tribulations I am running through in doing so comment bellow and I’ll try and make posts to go over everything I am doing.